Individual portrait photography on Maui is perfect for senior pictures, corporate portfolios or just capturing some fun time while on Maui.

Senior Portraits as part of Family Portraits


Including senior portraits for high school students as part of a family portrait package is easy and does not cost anything extra. I typically take a few individual shots of family members anyway, so why not add a few more specialty shots, such as senior portraits, especially while on Maui! So, here we have a lovely family of 4 on a Maui vacation, with the young lady graduating at the end of this school year. Can I include some senior portraits? Sure, love to….And, here we are, with a beautiful collection of family portrait images, along with some senior portraits that others in her graduating class probably won’t be able to match…..


Senior portraits can be part of family portraits at Maui Island Portraits

senior portraits can be part of family portraits at Maui Island Portraits


Fit And Fun At Sugar Beach

For those who are fitness enthusiasts, adding images to a personal portfolio is a common practice; but, when coming to Maui, it is almost a must. With so many ideal locations, personal portfolio photography is a great addition to the album. Fit and fun at sugar beach showcases images taken with Patricia Amstutz, a fitness trainer and competitor. A little inspiring history about Patricia:

By my mid 20’s I was diagnosed with “colitis” and ended up near death in the hospital (I was told I had the worse case in history at that time) and having to be in the hospital for one month, not able to even walk without pain, not allowed any food or water (expect intravenous) and withered away to a mere 85 pounds, I vowed that when and if I got out, I would take care of my body again.

So after 2 relapses (and hospital stays, but not as long) I joined a gym (after gaining a few pounds), and started taking aerobic classes and although it made me sweat and feel good, I was more intrigued with watching the weight lifters and how their bodies looked as well as the adrenaline and hard work it took to do this. I went to the owner of the facility (who was a competitive body builder) and hired him on the spot!

My body took to lifting like water takes to a sponge, and I was hooked. Within 6 months I saw a huge difference in my physique, & combining weights with cardiovascular I had more energy and endurance. I felt so good that I decided to take it to the next level and become a certified personal trainer in the hopes that I could make a difference in other peoples lives.

Fit And Fun At Sugar Beach

fit and fun at sugar beach with waves breaking againts the legs of fitness trainer Patricia Amstutz


Environmental Senior Portrait

Today, senior portraits have evolved to include options other than the standard head shot; many high schools now allow for more expressive and unique environmental senior portrait options. Maui offers some exceptional locations for this kind of environmental senior portrait from world class beaches, to parks and streams. This particular senior wanted the beach, and so here we are….In many cases, a senior portrait selection can be included in a family portrait activity. If you are coming to Maui and have considered having family portraits, also consider if any of the children are nearing high school graduation, to mention that. The photographer will make sure to get some additional shots of the senior which may well prove to be excellent senior portrait images.

The traditional senior portrait head shot can be incorporated into an environmental senior portrait session

head shot of a young man for environmental senior portrait picture

For Her Portfolio

There are some times when it is a really good idea to add personal portfolio images, especially when on Maui. For her portfolio, we went to Kealia Coastal Boardwalk beach area which is less populated than the typical south shore Maui beach areas. This area features a very long stretch of white sand beach and some sand dunes, which makes for excellent natural setting, environmental portrait photography backdrops. For her portfolio, she brought a change of clothing and wore a beautiful black flowing gown which worked very well on the sand dunes, and a stylish swimsuit which worked well for the scenes at the water.

If you are coming to Maui, give us a call; let’s schedule a fun, creative portfolio portrait photo shoot activity!

Stylish Apparel At The Beach For Her Portfolio

Young beautiful model posing in a flowing black dress near the beach


For His Portfolio

Brandon is a music teacher at a small community college, in a small town, located in one of the less populated western states. He is also an aspiring male model seeking to build a collection of images for his portfolio. But, in a community with few resources for building a portrait portfolio, what do you do? Well, you take advantage of a trip you planned to Maui, contact a local photographer, in this case Maui island Portraits, inquire about the possibilities of a photo shoot at a reasonable cost, or even perhaps a trade. Many aspiring models and photographers will ‘trade for images’ in which the photographer shoots for free and gets some images to add to their portfolio, and some of those images are given to the aspiring model, for their portfolio. Win-win. Such was the case with Brandon, the resulting images being an addition to both our portfolios.

For His Portfolio While On Maui

For his portfolio standing on the sand dunes overlooking the ocean on a south Maui beach