Maui family photography is a wonderful vacation activity with a valuable take away product. Using some of the best locations on Maui as the setting, you will be very pleased with the experience and the results.

Senior Portraits as part of Family Portraits


Including senior portraits for high school students as part of a family portrait package is easy and does not cost anything extra. I typically take a few individual shots of family members anyway, so why not add a few more specialty shots, such as senior portraits, especially while on Maui! So, here we have a lovely family of 4 on a Maui vacation, with the young lady graduating at the end of this school year. Can I include some senior portraits? Sure, love to….And, here we are, with a beautiful collection of family portrait images, along with some senior portraits that others in her graduating class probably won’t be able to match…..


Senior portraits can be part of family portraits at Maui Island Portraits

senior portraits can be part of family portraits at Maui Island Portraits


The Family Together on Maui

The family together on Maui is a special time. Sometimes, grandparents don’t live nearby, visiting is kind of rare, maybe a few times a year, maybe less. For the parents, talking with their parents, on the phone, is more common. Even for the grandchildren, talking on the phone is not uncommon. But, that’s not quite the same as being together. And being together on Maui makes it that much more memorable, and fun. Of course, family portraits are a really good idea, and what better place for family portraits on Maui than one of its world-class beaches at sunset!

The family together on Maui at Kamaole III Beach Park

The family together on Maui at Kamaole III Beach Park

A Parade of Fathers

A parade of fathers is an audio visual slidshow compilation of family portrait images showcasing father’s and their sons and daughters. As suggested in a previous post, A Parade of Mothers, Father’s Day is too paltry an acknowledgment of what fathers really do, day in, day out, month after month, year after year. What does it mean to be a father, as distinct from a parent? What is the father’s role in the family, in society, as a human being?

Fatherhood, and motherhood, are two of the most significant archetypes in transpersonal psychology. The views, beliefs, values and responsibilities of this role, as father, is steeped in human history. Every people, every culture, throughout human time, has fathers, and mothers; fathers have had significant roles to play, most notably protection and provision. Interestingly, the function of those roles is based largely on perception. If there is a perception of danger, or of scarcity, then protection and provision take on ways and means very different than if the perception is one of safety and abundance.

Symbolically, the father is the one who takes us farther. The farther father; further along the journey towards a better understanding of protection and provision; to a new world, a new consciousness. Understanding is very much needed in today’s world of apparent danger and seeming scarcity.

Let us grow farther towards understanding…..


A Parade of Fathers

A parade of fathers


A Parade of Mothers

an image used in the A Parde of Mothers ost

This Parade of Mothers post is a small tribute to mothers, on Mother’s Day, 2016. All the images in the slide show below are taken from family portraits over the years. In almost every family portrait session, there are some shots of mother with daughter (s), mother with son (s) father with daughter(s), father with son(s) (Father’s Day will see a post titled Parade of Fathers).

We are all born of mothers. I once heard somebody say ‘we are all born alone, and we die alone.’ I couldn’t help but ask if we are born alone, where were our mothers at the time? The bond between a mother and child is perhaps the most significant bond any human being will form and lays the foundation for healthy attachments, and healthy separations, throughout our lives. Mother’s Day is too paltry an acknowledgement of what mothers really do, day in, day out, month after month, year after year. And yet, it is what our culture affords us. Still, in our hearts, we can think of our mother, many times a month, if not a day, and say, if even we may have been undeserving of less than loving treatment, ‘I love you.’ It is not the love we receive that fills us, and heals us, but, rather, the love we give.

A Parade of Mothers


A Family of Couples

Kids grow up, and you get a family of couples. But, sometimes, one of the children is not yet married, and remains single, amidst the family of couples. Posing such a family can be a bit tricky; where do we place the single guy? Well, we had some fun having him held by everybody, or in the middle of the group, or standing off by himself. Sooner or later, he’ll be married too!


A family of couples: Maui portrait photography on the beach

a family of couples at Launiupoko Beach Park