2014 – Another Maui Family Portrait (on a world-class beach, during a stunning sunset)

Once in a while a family will come back to Maui after several years and we’ll do a Maui family portrait photo shoot. And, so it happened this year, 2018. Four years ago we spent a good time at scenic beach taking pictures; then, this year, we did it again. Same beach, different sunset, different clouds, the sand has moved a bit. Everybody is 4 years older. It’s an interesting comparison, the passage of time….

The above picture is from 2014, the bottom picture this year, 2018.


2013 – Family Portrait of the Year

Maui family portrait

Yeah, hard to choose one family portrait image in a year of many stand out images in many collections of a Maui family portrait session. This image was actually two families, close friends, visiting Maui form the mainland. Everybody was happy, and the sunset sky was on fire. A lot of factors go into a good image; location, of course, attitude, apparel, stance, posture, gaze. But, what might make a good image a stand out image is the atmosphere of the location, which is often dependent upon weather and time. Half an hour earlier, or later, and this image may not have made the cut. If the clouds were more, or less, prevalent, it might not have made the cut. But, many of the factors were present, and so here we have 2013 Maui Family Portrait of the Year.