Watercolor Photography

With today’s digital photography and editing software, it is very easy to make a typical color image transformed into a water color like painting. I generally include at least one of these in a collection of images for families, couples, weddings or individuals. But, as can be seen here, the subjects must be facing away from the camera as the watercolor effect can do some very weird things to a face…:)


1+1 = 6

It is said that when two people are together, there are actually six: you as you are perceived by the other, you as you are perceived by yourself, and you as you actually are; and the same is true for the other person. A family of 11 is quite complex, in terms of relationship dynamics…..And yet, there can be, and often  is, cohesion.

1+1 = 6; a large family of 11 under a tree by the shoreline at a Maui beach

Structural Family Photography

Family structure is a great photographic subject. Family members each have a place, a role, a position and various alignments, and boundaries, with each other.  One boundary alignment is when everybody in the family knows who are the parents, adults, supervisors and managers and who are the children, underlings and learners; of course, we are all learners and roles do shift. Parents stand apart from their children and within the sub-system of children there too one finds alignments, and boundaries….


Another Maui Sunset

Although every Maui sunset, like all sunsets, is different; the location itself remains the same. In this case a typical Maui south shore beach at sunset becomes one of a kind, unrepeatable because of the unique, one of a kind, unrepeatable people in the scene. David and Lindsey now have this Maui sunset as theirs, to keep…..


A south shore Maui sunset, all theirs to keep


Proposal At The Ritz

He had it all planned out and arranged for the photography ahead of time; we walked around the grounds of the Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua, ending up in a rocky area knows as ‘dragon teeth’ where he proposed. She said yes. A happy couple…

Engagement at the Ritz