Couples Photography At The Beach

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Joe & Caitlin in 2011. We captured some really nice images at DT Fleming Beach Park, and ‘dragon teeth’ – a rocky outcropping on a bluff below the Ritz-Carlton resort in Kapalua. Returning to Maui for their 25th anniversary this year, with her parents, we captured some images at Launiupoko Beach Park, just outside of historic Lahaina Town. Maui is blessed with dozens of beautiful areas ideal for couples photography at the beach. Thank you Joe and Caitlin for thinking of me for your photography, again, here on Maui.

couples photography at the beach


Family Pictures & Senior Portraits on Maui

Family pictures & senior portraits on Maui can happen at the same time. If you are here on Maui as a family, and one, or more, of the children are going to be seniors within the year, it’s easy to capture a few images that are appropriate for senior pictures. Today, senior pictures are more than the traditional headshot allowing for more envioromental images. And, what better place to include the environment, in both family pictures and senior portraits, than Maui!

Over 3 million high school students graduate each year in the United States. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, or phases, or rituals. It’s a benchmark. A milestone. An achievement. There are other milestones and benchmarks yet ahead, as there have been all along. They each call out for something by which to be remembered, to be chronicled. Senior portraits make up a part of that chronicle, that time, that transition into a larger world. For some, leaving home is immanent; away to college or an apprenticeship; perhaps military or non-profit service somewhere away from  home. Sooner or later, we all leave home, kind of. We carry within our memories, our land, our place…our home, that was, and even still is; and in our hearts, our home, our place, our life,  yet to be.

Family Pictures & Senior Portraits on Maui

family pictures & senior portraits on Maui

senior pictures and family portraits on Maui





Todd & Diana’s Morning Photo Shoot at Launiupoko Beach Park



Launiupoko Beach Park is a very pleasant location; it is ideal for kids, families, sun bathers, surfers, and swimmers, and a great place for both family and couples portrait photography. Although sunset’s can be spectacular, a morning photo shoot at Launiupoko Beach Park offers it’s own special qualities of light and shadow, color and hue and is often not nearly as crowded as the afternoon may be. So, Todd and Diana opted for the morning light and we met there at 7am. At sunset time, we start in the park, and end at the beach; in the morning, we start on the beach, and end in the park.

Todd & Diana’s morning photo shoot at Launiupoko Beach Park Banyan Tree

morning photo shoot at Launiupoko Beach Park Banyon Tree


The Family Together on Maui

The family together on Maui is a special time. Sometimes, grandparents don’t live nearby, visiting is kind of rare, maybe a few times a year, maybe less. For the parents, talking with their parents, on the phone, is more common. Even for the grandchildren, talking on the phone is not uncommon. But, that’s not quite the same as being together. And being together on Maui makes it that much more memorable, and fun. Of course, family portraits are a really good idea, and what better place for family portraits on Maui than one of its world-class beaches at sunset!

The family together on Maui at Kamaole III Beach Park

The family together on Maui at Kamaole III Beach Park

A Parade of Fathers

A parade of fathers is an audio visual slidshow compilation of family portrait images showcasing father’s and their sons and daughters. As suggested in a previous post, A Parade of Mothers, Father’s Day is too paltry an acknowledgment of what fathers really do, day in, day out, month after month, year after year. What does it mean to be a father, as distinct from a parent? What is the father’s role in the family, in society, as a human being?

Fatherhood, and motherhood, are two of the most significant archetypes in transpersonal psychology. The views, beliefs, values and responsibilities of this role, as father, is steeped in human history. Every people, every culture, throughout human time, has fathers, and mothers; fathers have had significant roles to play, most notably protection and provision. Interestingly, the function of those roles is based largely on perception. If there is a perception of danger, or of scarcity, then protection and provision take on ways and means very different than if the perception is one of safety and abundance.

Symbolically, the father is the one who takes us farther. The farther father; further along the journey towards a better understanding of protection and provision; to a new world, a new consciousness. Understanding is very much needed in today’s world of apparent danger and seeming scarcity.

Let us grow farther towards understanding…..


A Parade of Fathers

A parade of fathers