After The Wedding Ceremony

Ben and Genet were not married on Maui; but, they wanted to take some pictures on Maui in her wedding gown. She brought her gown to Maui specifically to capture some images of the wedding attire while on the beach. So, we found a beach to their liking, walked around, and took some pictures, which turned out pretty nice, and will be a nice a addition to the wedding album.

After the wedding ceremony on the beach

after the wedding ceremony


Dancer Nathaniel Hunt

Dancer Nathaniel Hunt was in Maui for a month,  performing for Adaptations Dance Theater’s Bring It Home. Residing in New York, where he is described as a mover, an educator and a creator, some time on Maui is not a common experience. So, while here, why not get some photos for the portfolio. We met one late afternoon at the Kealia Coastal Reserve beach in north Kihei, and captured some images. The still images contained in this post can give a little glimpse of Nathaniel’s elegance and grace. For more information about Nathaniel Hunt, visit his website at:

Dancer Nathaniel Hunt on a Maui Beach

Dancer Nathaniel Hunt reaches for the sky


Family of 9 Portraits on a Maui Beach at Sunset

Large families, categorized as such at Maui Island Portraits as a group of 7-10 (+), can be particularly challenging, and fun; it’s a pleasant time to be at the beach and enjoy the sunset, talk story and capture some planned images, of the family. A family of 9 portraits on a Maui beach at sunset results in more than one image. The collection of images in a full set is usually well over several dozen. It can be hard to pick out the few very most favorite, which may differ from person to person in the family. This post showcases 6 images from the collection.

A family of 9 portraits on a Maui beach at sunset….

A family of 9 portraits on a Maui beach at sunset


Shooting Into The Sun Portrait Photography – Maui Island Portraits

Shooting into the sun portrait photography can produce stunning, standout images. But, without fill flash, all you’d get is a dark subject, and well exposed sun, or well exposed subject, and a way overexposed, aka ‘washed out,’ sun. Fill flash is artificial light, balanced in terms of temperature, ie, the color hue of the light, and ambient light luminosity. When balanced, the flash fills in enough light so the sun in the background is well exposed, while at the very same time, the subject in the foreground is also well exposed. Sometimes, the sun is muted by clouds, which can give a nice soft ambience; sometimes, the sun is bold and bright, requiring more fill flash to create the balance of light. Sometimes, the sun is above the horizon, just before setting, and sometimes, right after the sun has set makes for a softer more moody image. Either way, shooting into the sun portrait photography can yield some very pleasing results….

You can’t really do this with a cell phone, or a point and shoot camera. The flash they have built in is not powerful enough, and does not have the control necessary to make the required adjustments to balance the light just right. So, if you’re interested in this kind of portrait photography, for yourself, as an individual, or as a couple, or as a family, and you are planning on a trip to Maui, contact us. We’re available to provide you with shooting into the sun portrait photography at any one of Maui’s premier world-class beaches.

Shooting Into The Sun Portrait Photography – Maui Island Portraits

shooting into the sun portrait photography




Senior Portraits as part of Family Portraits


Including senior portraits for high school students as part of a family portrait package is easy and does not cost anything extra. I typically take a few individual shots of family members anyway, so why not add a few more specialty shots, such as senior portraits, especially while on Maui! So, here we have a lovely family of 4 on a Maui vacation, with the young lady graduating at the end of this school year. Can I include some senior portraits? Sure, love to….And, here we are, with a beautiful collection of family portrait images, along with some senior portraits that others in her graduating class probably won’t be able to match…..


Senior portraits can be part of family portraits at Maui Island Portraits

senior portraits can be part of family portraits at Maui Island Portraits