A Romantic Photo Shoot

One of the fun activities for couples to do while on Maui is a romantic photo shoot at one of Maui’s world-class beaches during sunset. Here, Allesandro and Raluca, celebrating her birthday, and their time together on this magic isle of Maui, took some time to capture these, and more, memorable keepsake images. A romantic photo shoot activity is fun with a take home product, ie, the digital images,which are theirs to keep, they can enjoy for a lifetime.

A Romantic Photo Shoot at Kamaole III Beach Park During Sunset

A romantic photo shoot on a Maui beach




John & Wanda’s 35th Wedding Anniversary on Maui

John & Wanda’s 35th wedding anniversary on Maui, during a beautiful sunset at Kamaole III Beach Park.  Wedding anniversaries are, granted, more common than the wedding itself; in fact, every year an anniversary is a possibility. But, there are milestones along the way….5 years, 10, 25…..35….It takes a lot of caring and respect to remain companions for several decades. A lot is written about how to maintain a successful marriage. There are some common denominators: communication, compromise, choose your battles carefully, don’t hide your needs, emphasize the importance of trust and honesty. John & Wanda must be able to do these to a large degree. Hopefully, some of the images here capture those qualities of which this lovely couple exhibits.

wedding anniversary on Maui - silhouette of couple at sunset