A Romantic Photo Shoot

One of the fun activities for couples to do while on Maui is a romantic photo shoot at one of Maui’s world-class beaches during sunset. Here, Allesandro and Raluca, celebrating her birthday, and their time together on this magic isle of Maui, took some time to capture these, and more, memorable keepsake images. A romantic photo shoot activity is fun with a take home product, ie, the digital images,which are theirs to keep, they can enjoy for a lifetime.

A Romantic Photo Shoot at Kamaole III Beach Park During Sunset

A romantic photo shoot on a Maui beach




What Is The Best Camera To Have On Maui?

What is the best camera to have? The one you have. Seriously, in today’s world you can have a cell phone and take some pretty nice pictures around Maui. If you are a bit more serious, you’ll want a camera with interchangeable lenses. That means you can use a telephoto lens, which is good for sports, like surfing, of which there is plenty on Maui to shoot; or you can use a wide angle lens which is good for scenic landscapes and coastal pictures, of which there is plenty on Maui to shoot. Today’s modern zoom lenses cover a lot of ground going from moderate wide angle to telephoto in one lens with excellent qualty. Point and shoot cameras are usually compact, with a built in zoom lens, and can provide some very decent quality. Camera brand isn’t nearly as important as features any particular model has that appeals to you. In the end, especially for social media sharing on the web, you would probably not be able to tell if a picture was taken with a $6000 camera and lens or a cell phone camera. However, one camera that is a lot of fun to have on Maui is a waterproof and/or underwater camera which you take with you into the ocean and get pictures like this:

Hawaiin Green Sea Turtle

Keawakapu Beach After Sunset

Maui Island Portraits is about people – families, couples, weddings, individuals….at some of Maui’s premier locations. Portraits of Maui Island are about scenic landscapes showcasing some of the beautiful settings on this little gem of an island. Keawakapu Beach is one of those settings on the south shore of Maui. A very popular beach for swimming, snorkeling, diving and when the waves are up, surfing and body boarding.  Of course, it is a wonderful place to relax and watch a gorgeous sunset happen….keawakapu-beach