Couples & wedding photography in Maui is a very special event and capturing beautiful, memorable, keepsake photographs of that special occasion is what Maui Island Portraits does best.

Todd & Diana’s Morning Photo Shoot at Launiupoko Beach Park



Launiupoko Beach Park is a very pleasant location; it is ideal for kids, families, sun bathers, surfers, and swimmers, and a great place for both family and couples portrait photography. Although sunset’s can be spectacular, a morning photo shoot at Launiupoko Beach Park offers it’s own special qualities of light and shadow, color and hue and is often not nearly as crowded as the afternoon may be. So, Todd and Diana opted for the morning light and we met there at 7am. At sunset time, we start in the park, and end at the beach; in the morning, we start on the beach, and end in the park.

Todd & Diana’s morning photo shoot at Launiupoko Beach Park Banyan Tree

morning photo shoot at Launiupoko Beach Park Banyon Tree


Paul & Marley at Launiupoko Beach Park

Paul said he was a personal trainer and wanted some pictures with he and his wife, also a fitness instructor. I didn’t realize Paul was one of those extra-ordinary physiques. Oh, you may see some like him now and then on television or a magazine; but, rarely in everyday life. This kind of ‘body sculpting’ takes a lot of dedication and commitment. So, Paul and Marley at Launipoko Beach Park was a one unlike any other. Launiupoko Beach Park is a one of Maui’s sweet spots. When the west side waves are breaking high enough, surfing is really good there. A breakwall makes for a delightful kiddy pool. The park has a large expanse of tree shaded grassy areas with picnic tables, barbecue pits, and a view of Lanai and Kahoolawe islands. And, of course, it has a very pleasing sandy beach.

So, Paul, Marley and I spent about an hour at sunset time talking story and taking pictures….


Paul & Marley at Launiupoko Beach Park

Paul & Marley a Launiupoko Beach Park during sunset


A 40th Wedding Anniversary On Maui

A 40th wedding anniversary on Maui is a  very special special day. Maui is  not your everyday destination; and, a 40th wedding anniversary is not an everyday celebration. Mike & Terrie were here on Maui the exact date of their wedding 40 years ago and very much wanted to have pictures to remember this day. In today’s world, being married 40 years is no small achievement. It takes a lot of commitment, patience, tolerance, caring, respect, compromise and, of course, love, of which this couple has plenty. And it was a delight to capture some memorable keepsake images for them during a striking sunset at Launiupoko Beach Park.

The traditional gift on a fortieth wedding anniversary is a ruby. The evening’s sunset was blazing orange-red, like a brilliant, bright ruby, dazzling as a gemstone in the sky….A little about the ruby: Rubies are the second hardest gemstone only to a diamond. Rubies can range in color from orange-red to purple-red. The redder a ruby is the more sought after the stone is. As far back as ancient times the ruby has been thought to enable people to predict the future as well as stop bleeding. More recently, rubies were used to make the first laser. Rubies are an alternative to diamonds when it comes to engagement rings. When worn on the left hand, rubies are said to bring good luck.


Mike & Terrie: A 40th Wedding Anniversary on Maui


a 40th wedding anniversary on Maui is a very special day


Their First Wedding Anniversary on Maui

Max & Stacy were not married exactly on the date we took these pictures, but close enough to consider them their first wedding anniversary on Maui. And, what better place to celebrate their first wedding anniversary than on Maui! Deciding which location to use for these memorable images was not difficult. Launiupoko Beach Park is a delightful setting at which sunsets and backdrops can be gorgeous, as they were this evening.


Every wedding anniversary has a traditional theme for a gift. The first anniversary is paper. And although we do not provide prints in our service, the digital files can be used to print some of these standout image on photographic paper. So, portrait photography for a first wedding anniversary can fit into the traditional them!

What Better Place For Their First Wedding Anniversary on Maui!

Celebrating their first wedding anniversary on Maui at Launiupoko Beach Park


The Happy Couple Portrait Shoot

Recently married and on Maui for a honeymoon, Hlynur and Ipek, originally from Iceland and Turkey, respectively, were a happy couple from Maryland enjoying the warm tropical weather of this Valley Isle. Our location for this heart-felt, fun and playful photo shoot was Launiupoko Beach Park early one morning in late winter. But, of course, a Maui winter is a lot different than an east coast winter! Even with a colder than normal winter on Maui, the daytime temperatures hovered around the mid 70’s while night time lows were in the low 60’s to upper 50’s, unless you live or were visiting ‘upcountry’ on the lowers slopes of Haleakala where temperatures went as low as mid 40’s! There was even a little snow, for a brief part of a day, on the summit of Haleakala. But, this morning, the weather was very comfortable, and we had a very good photo shoot activity here showcasing but 6 of the well over several dozen in the final collection of images they received.

a happy couple are caught in a beach dance on the west side of Maui