Couples & wedding photography in Maui is a very special event and capturing beautiful, memorable, keepsake photographs of that special occasion is what Maui Island Portraits does best.

A Surprise Maui Marriage Proposal

A surprise Maui marriage proposal is generally unexpected; sure, it may be suspected, but it is generally still a surprise. Either way, it is often a pleasant shock, a joy, a delight. In the case of Devin & Amber, she was somewhat expecting a proposal next year. Devin wanted to propose while they were on Maui in mid February of this year. And, he wanted to capture photographs of it. But, how do you capture photographs of a proposal and keep it a surprise? Devin called me about a month before his scheduled arrival on Maui. We discussed options. Generally, as a photographer, hiding in the bushes to take candid pictures is a bit too creepy. I suggested, as I have done in the past, to just hire me as a photographer to take photographs of the the two on vacation. The proposal during that time would be a surprise. But, Devin thought it would be too much of a give away and she would suspect something is up. So, he came up with an idea: he would approach me, as a photographer, on the beach, just kind of taking scenic landscape pictures of the sunset, and ask if I wouldn’t mind taking a few pictures of them. It was a good idea, and it worked out well…..

A surprise Maui marriage proposal is a bit tricky, but certainly do-able. So, gentlemen, if you are planning on a marriage proposal, and want to capture those very special moments in time, give us a call or send us an email. We can arrange to capture the surprise Maui marriage proposal. Maui Island portraits has helped other couples capture this special moment, as a surprise. Check out some of our other marriage proposal photography here.




Maui Romance

Maui is a romantic place, and many couples come to Maui for their honeymoon, or their anniversary; there are many proposals that occur on a Maui beach; and, of course, Maui is a favorite destination wedding location. Maui romance is an experience, one that can be capture through photography.  The following slideshow is a presentation of single images showcasing loving couples on a Maui beach at sunset.

A Maui Wedding

I was looking through some older files and came across this video slideshow from a couple of years ago. It brought back some fond memories of the couple and the photoshoot and thought I would post it. A Maui wedding can be a very big deal; some couples plan years in advance for their Maui wedding. Choosing the right wedding coordinator, officiant, photographer, location…all the details that go into what may be a once in a lifetime experience takes considerable thought and planning. However, there are also simple weddings, casual affairs, with just an officiant, and a photographer, at sunset on the beach. Such was the case here, at Launiupoko Beach Park just outside of Lahaina, Maui, on a weekday afternoon……


John & Wanda’s 35th Wedding Anniversary on Maui

John & Wanda’s 35th wedding anniversary on Maui, during a beautiful sunset at Kamaole III Beach Park.  Wedding anniversaries are, granted, more common than the wedding itself; in fact, every year an anniversary is a possibility. But, there are milestones along the way….5 years, 10, 25…..35….It takes a lot of caring and respect to remain companions for several decades. A lot is written about how to maintain a successful marriage. There are some common denominators: communication, compromise, choose your battles carefully, don’t hide your needs, emphasize the importance of trust and honesty. John & Wanda must be able to do these to a large degree. Hopefully, some of the images here capture those qualities of which this lovely couple exhibits.

wedding anniversary on Maui - silhouette of couple at sunset

Maui Honeymoon


A Maui honeymoon may be a once in a lifetime experience. Certainly, capturing some of those moments is a worthwhile venture. Maui is considered by many to be one of the best islands in the world. A tropical paradise, easily accessible. If here, on your honeymoon, capture the moments! Maui honeymoon photography strives to capture the romance, the love, the affection and the fun shared by couples on their honeymoon. Because sunsets and beaches are typically romantic, Maui honeymoon photography tends to occur at the sunset hour, on one of Maui’s premier romantic beaches.

maui honeymoon - Aloha from Polo Beach