Maui family photography is a wonderful vacation activity with a valuable take away product. Using some of the best locations on Maui as the setting, you will be very pleased with the experience and the results.

Two Dads

We have two dads, said the two boys. And, indeed, they did. A long time couple Daniel and Scott adopted two young boys at a very early age. Since raising children to be healthy and happy, which these two boys were, is the sign of a wholesome household, it would seem  that Daniel and Scott are doing something right. We enjoyed  a warm and cloudy afternoon at Launiupoko Beach Park taking pictures before the rain fell. What makes a family a family has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with love, care, respect, tolerance and good communication, all of which must have been going on for years and years as evident by the comfort and enjoyment this family exhibited. Maui Island Portraits specializes in family portrait photography; so, whether a small family or large, or multiple families, single mom, single dad, or same sex couple with kids, if coming to Maui, consider a family photo shoot as a fun Maui activity with a valuable take home product. Give us call or drop us an email.

Two dads can make for a wholesome household

Two dads and two kids getting their feet wet at the beach, Maui, Hawaii


A Maui Family Vacation Activity

A fun, creative photo shoot is a wonderful Maui family vacation activity. There are many enjoyable activities in which to engage on Maui. Unlike just about all of them, a family portrait photography photo shoot is a vacation activity which has a valuable take home product: digital images of memorable, keepsake images you will enjoy for a lifetime. The photo shoot itself, often at one of Maui’s world class beaches, at sunset, is the perfect backdrop for standout images. You own the digital files on CD, mailed to your home, with complete printing and sharing rights. So, when coming to Maui, drop us a line and let’s schedule about an hour enjoying a sunset on one of Maui’s beautiful beaches, capturing some special images which you can keep, view, print and share for many, many years to come.

A Maui family vacation activity is portrait photography on the beach

At the beach portraits is a great Maui family vacation activity


Family Portraits at Kapalua Bay

Kapalau Bay is one of those places on the west side of Maui that attracts visitors for all kinds of reasons, scenic beauty, pleasant sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling; weddings are very popular at Kapalua Bay, as are family portraits. Every location used for family portraits offers some special, unique backdrops. The two most popular spots, Launiupoko Beach Park in Lahaina and Kamaole III Beach Park in Kihei, each have something special to offer. Kapalua Bay has an expansive grassy palm-tree dotted bluff overlooking the rugged coastline further west and the idyllic bay looking east. Maui has some very excellent locations for outdoor, environmental family portraits!

 Family Portraits at Kapalua Bay

family portraits at kapalua bay is a great vacation activity


South Shore Maui Family Photography

South shore Maui family photography is a great vacation activity. It is fun. It is affordable. It provides years and years of memorable, keepsake images which can be included in family albums, printed large for home decor, or shared on social media. The south shore of Maui offers several beautiful beaches which make ideal settings for natural, outdoors, environmental family photography. One of the more popular spots is Kamaole III Beach Park, a location which offers an expansive grassy park like area and a world-class beach with stunning views of the West Maui Mountains, Kaho’olawe and Molokini Crater. It is a popular place for picnics and parties, swimming and snorkling, watching sunsets, and photography.

South Shore Maui Family Photography And A Stunning Sunset

south shore Maui family photography is a great opportunity to create standout images


Large Maui Family Beach Portraits At The Park

Large Maui Family Beach Portraits At The Park – Launiupoko Beach Park that is, a great place for large family portraits on Maui. The park offers a large tree filled grassy area which makes for a nice outdoor portraiture setting. And, of course, the beach is right there for some stunning family pictures with a gorgeous sunset as the background. Maui family beach portraits is one of many activities available. Unlike many activities, this one has a valuable take away product of memorable keepsake images on CD which are yours to keep, view, print and share. Of course, Launiupoko Beach Park, outside Lahaina, is just one location. There are several other exquisite locations for natural, outdoor, environmental family portraits, or couples portraits, or individual portraits. However, individual portraits can be, and often are, part of a family portrait photo shoot with Maui Island Portraits. So, if you and your family are coming to Maui, give us a call or drop us an email to arrange for your very own very special family portrait photo shoot activity on one of Maui’s premier beaches at sunset.

maui family beach portraits - a family of 14 on a Maui beach at sunset

Maui Family Beach Portraits

Maui Island Portraits has done several large Maui family portraits on the beach. You can view some of these samples at the various postings listed below: