Maui family photography is a wonderful vacation activity with a valuable take away product. Using some of the best locations on Maui as the setting, you will be very pleased with the experience and the results.

Maui Family Portraits On A Sandy Beach At Sunset

Outdoor Maui family portraits look absolutely fabulous on a sandy beach at sunset. This collection showcases one image from one set of family portraits from each year between 2009-2014. Every sunset is different, some more spectacular than others. However, more often than not, any given late afternoon can present a background for family portraits that create a standout image.

Maui family portraits - Family of 5 portrait on beach at sunset


What Is The Best Beach On Maui?

Maui has a few beaches that have been voted on by travel magazines as ‘the best in the world.’ But, that doesn’t really mean it’s the best beach for surfing, or snorkeling or kayaking or in terms of safety for kids. If you want to know the best beach on Maui, you need to define the parameters. What is the best beach for a family may not be the best beach for a surfer, or a scuba diver, or a fisherman. So, let’s narrow it down. What is the best beach on Maui for family portraits? Ah, well, now we have some guidelines to help form our decision. There are several beaches which work well for family portraits and Launiupoko Beach Park, outside Lahaina, is one of them. The following images are typical family portraits taken at Launiupoko Beach Park, an ideal setting for kids, and surfers, and picnics. The grassy tree studded park area, and the sandy beach are very comfortable settings. Sunsets can be spectacular and make stunning backdrops for family portrait photography. Are you considering family portraits on Maui? Put Launiupoko Beach Park on your list, and give us a call or send us an email.


Family Vacation Portraits on Maui


Maui has several activities to choose from while here: a trip to Hana, a bike ride down Haleakala, whale watching during the season, snorkeling, hiking, paragliding, zipline, horse back riding….Why not add outdoor family portraits, on a beautiful Maui beach, as one of those activities. One of the great advantages of your Maui vacation family portrait photo shoot activity is that you will have a very tangible product in your CD of over several dozen beautiful, high resolution images you can keep, view, print and share for many many years to come. If considering family vacation portraits on Maui, give Maui Island Portraits a call.


Family vacation portraits on Maui is an excellent activity. It takes about an hour, everybody is creatively engaged, it’s an opportunity to spend a little time on one of Maui’s premier beaches at sunset, and it has a valuable take away product, one that can be enjoyed for years and years to come. Whether you are a small family of 3 or a large family with several generations, capturing the moments together on a Maui beach at sunset can provide wonderful memories of a special time.

family vacation portraits on maui - three generations of family on Maui beach


The Parent & The Child


During a recent photo shoot, two families joined together; of the many images captured of the families, both as separate groups, and together, a few shots of the parent & the child stood out as exceptional portraits of a special relationship: father and son, mother and son, father and daughter, mother and daughter. The relationship between parent and child is perhaps one of the most inviolable. How does one define with words the love of a child towards their parent, the love of a parent towards their child?


When planning your own family portraits while on Maui, be sure to request some images of parent & child……

Mother, Son & Daughter

Family dynamics are complex. Even for a mother, son & daughter, the intricacies of interpersonal communication, roles and boundaries, expectations and standards, chores and obligations, needs and wants, highs and lows, can become overwhelming. It takes a lot of heart, and brains, as a single parent, to raise children well helping them develop into autonomous individuals, able to think and feel, have opinions and attitudes, express themselves and be respectful. Parenthood, and especially single parenthood, is one of the most important,  yet undervalued, tasks any adult can undertake. It’s nice to have some images of beauty, togetherness, in the light of this world…..