Maui family photography is a wonderful vacation activity with a valuable take away product. Using some of the best locations on Maui as the setting, you will be very pleased with the experience and the results.

The Large Family Pose

The large family pose can be a challenge in terms of who goes where. Some of the things considered in placement are height of each person and relationship connections. Because there are several options, the large family pose is not just one but rather several with each image a bit different, in terms of placement of the subjects and, of course, the backdrop, which here on Maui is certainly a beach, but may also be a park, as in this set which includes both, at Launiupoko Beach Park in Lahaina.

Family Vacation at Napili Bay

A family vacation at Napili Bay is a wonderful experience. Napili Bay is a tranquil, pleasant sandy beach on the upper west side of Maui. What could be more delightful than a tropical morning, a loving couple, and their two beautiful daughters…

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Family Vacation Time

Maui is a wonderful place for family vacation time, especially during the winter months when the family may live in a colder climate, such as, in the case of this family of 4, Canada. Here we captured some moments of the family enjoying the warm weather, beautiful scenery and fresh morning air (along with the bright morning light) at Kamaole III Beach park in the south Maui town of Kihei.

3 Generations at the Banyan Tree

When 3 generations of a family comes to Maui from Calgary, Canada, it’s time to get some pictures! Launiupoko Beach Park makes for a wonderful setting for such environmental family portrait photography offering the tree shaded grassy area, a stately banyan tree, and, of course, the beach….

Ron & Sharon’s 50th Wedding Anniversary & Family Gathering

Although it had been raining much of the day in Ka’anapali, the rain stopped and allowed us to photography Ron & Sharon’s 50th Wedding Anniversary and family gathering. Although cloudy days don’t provide the gorgeous sunsets typical of Maui, the soft, subdued lighting is very pleasing for outdoor environmental portrait photography of large groups….