Maui family photography is a wonderful vacation activity with a valuable take away product. Using some of the best locations on Maui as the setting, you will be very pleased with the experience and the results.

More Maui Family Photography at Kamaole III Beach Park

The locations may be the same, in this case Kamaole III Beach Park in south Kihei, Maui. But, the sunsets are always different; and, of course, the families, the couples, the people are all unique. According to mom, this is the first family photos in a long, long time; and, what a great place to capture the family together!

Maui Family Environmental Portrait photography

When families come to Maui and want family portaits on the beach, its not enough to just take a few pictures. Any one location has a variety of very nice backdrops and its worth the time to capture the family in several settings and in various poses. Any given family photo shoot activity may take about an hour moving from one setting to another in any one location. This particular location is Kamaole III Beach park in south Kihei and offers a wonderful park like setting as well as a beautiful beach with lava rock outcroppings and, of course, typically gorgeous sunsets. This particular day was rather cloudy, but even then, family portraits look great and will likely be viewed many many times over the months and years, with each viewing bringing back great memories of their time on this delightful tropical paradise island.

The Hartman Family at Kamaole III Beach ParkThe Hartman Family at Kamaole III Beach ParkThe Hartman Family at Kamaole III Beach ParkThe Hartman Family at Kamaole III Beach Park

Maui Family Portraits at Kamaole III Beach Park

Kamaole III Beach Park on Maui’s south shore is a large family friendly park with large grassy areas, shade trees, a stand of ironwood trees, playground, picnic tables and barbecues. The beach showcases distinctive lava rocks along the shoreline. It is one of the more picturesque places for Maui family portraits….

Watercolor Photography

With today’s digital photography and editing software, it is very easy to make a typical color image transformed into a water color like painting. I generally include at least one of these in a collection of images for families, couples, weddings or individuals. But, as can be seen here, the subjects must be facing away from the camera as the watercolor effect can do some very weird things to a face…:)


1+1 = 6

It is said that when two people are together, there are actually six: you as you are perceived by the other, you as you are perceived by yourself, and you as you actually are; and the same is true for the other person. A family of 11 is quite complex, in terms of relationship dynamics…..And yet, there can be, and often  is, cohesion.

1+1 = 6; a large family of 11 under a tree by the shoreline at a Maui beach