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2017 Highlight – Large Family Portraits on Maui

2016 Highlight – Wedding Photography on Maui

2015 – Couples Portrait Photography of the Year

The 2010 Standout Portrait

Going through previous years photo shoots and picking the one standout portrait is generally a process of editing, culling, removing, which when so many are themselves standout images within their own collection, makes the process one of ambivalence, indecision and frustration. But, after some struggle, one picture is chosen. This year, it was rather easy to choose.  The image below has been one of my favorites ever since I got home and processed the collection of images from that photo shoot. What words and feelings come up for you when you view this image?

standout portrait


Let’s Trash The Dress on Maui!

Yep; that was the decision, let’s trash the dress on Maui. It’s a fun experience and capturing this relatively rare activity in camera can make for some happy memories years down the road.

trash the dress on maui, completed

We did it. Trash the dress on Maui is now a memory, a fond and fun memory….