2013 – Family Portrait of the Year

Maui family portrait

Yeah, hard to choose one family portrait image in a year of many stand out images in many collections of a Maui family portrait session. This image was actually two families, close friends, visiting Maui form the mainland. Everybody was happy, and the sunset sky was on fire. A lot of factors go into a good image; location, of course, attitude, apparel, stance, posture, gaze. But, what might make a good image a stand out image is the atmosphere of the location, which is often dependent upon weather and time. Half an hour earlier, or later, and this image may not have made the cut. If the clouds were more, or less, prevalent, it might not have made the cut. But, many of the factors were present, and so here we have 2013 Maui Family Portrait of the Year. 


2012 – A Year of the Couple

2012 - A Year of the Couple

Of the many dozens of families, and some couples, this year of 2012, a couple stands out. The weather, by shear happenstance, which most always the case, offered a very soft, moody sunset on the beach at low tide. The image is filtered lightly through a paint program giving the image a softer painterly effect. Maui can be a uniquely romantic experience, especially at one the world class beaches at sunset.


The 2011 Model of the Year

2011 Model of the Year

It was a year of growing portrait photo shoots; more individuals, couples and families. It took a while to pick just one out of the hundreds of images. Most of the images are family portraits, and there are lots of stand out images. Couples come in second and individuals are third. There are very few individual portraits in any given year. Not that individual shots are not taken during a family or couples photo shoot, but rarely does a single individual want professional portraits, on the beach, at sunset. And, those few that do, are women. This year a semi-professional male model was in Maui and contacted me for a ‘TF’ photo shoot. TF is ‘trade for.’ I take, and keep, the pictures, as digital files, for my portfolio, and he gets, at no cost, those same pictures, in digital format, for his portfolio. Win-win.

The 2010 Standout Portrait

Going through previous years photo shoots and picking the one standout portrait is generally a process of editing, culling, removing, which when so many are themselves standout images within their own collection, makes the process one of ambivalence, indecision and frustration. But, after some struggle, one picture is chosen. This year, it was rather easy to choose.  The image below has been one of my favorites ever since I got home and processed the collection of images from that photo shoot. What words and feelings come up for you when you view this image?

standout portrait


The 2009 Maui Family Portrait Choice

Every photo shoot session with a family yields several hundred images; of those images, well over several dozen are selected and edited to be part of the final collection. With over 12 families to choose from during 2009, there are some difficult choices as to which one I personally find the best. The below picture struck me as different because of the attire. Although many families will color coordinate their attire, very few dawn matching outfits. So, here we have the 2009 Maui Family Portrait choice…..

maui family portrait