Romance At Oneuli (Napauka) Beach: Maui’s South Shore Black Sand Beach

Oneuli beach is part of Makena State Park. Oneuli ((Napauka) is a remote, dirt road accessible beach area at the base of Pu’u Ola’i, the cinder cone knows as ‘red hill.’ It is a beautiful area and the least visited and almost never crowded beach in the park. In distinct contrast to the expansive white sand at Big Beach, One’uli has dark, deep brown and black sand. It is the only such beach on the south shore of Maui. It makes for a wonderful natural setting on-location backdrop for Maui portrait photography, whether for couples, families or individuals.

Keawakapu Beach After Sunset

Maui Island Portraits is about people – families, couples, weddings, individuals….at some of Maui’s premier locations. Portraits of Maui Island are about scenic landscapes showcasing some of the beautiful settings on this little gem of an island. Keawakapu Beach is one of those settings on the south shore of Maui. A very popular beach for swimming, snorkeling, diving and when the waves are up, surfing and body boarding.  Of course, it is a wonderful place to relax and watch a gorgeous sunset happen….keawakapu-beach

A Loving Couple at Kealia Wetlands Beach Area

The Kealia Wetlands area, north of Kihei, is a more remote area compared to the typically visited  beaches of South Kihei, Wailea & Makena. I find it to be a special place and very much enjoy introducing people to it. Payton & Sheng are here to Maui for the first time and because one of their activities while here was Maui portrait photography, I was able to give them a little guided tour of the area, and take some elegant pictures of them which will, months and years down the road, bring a smile to their faces….See more of Payton & Sheng at Kealia at Kealia in the Couples & Weddings Gallery

Couple at Sunset at Kealia Beach, Maui, Hawaii













Watercolor Photography

With today’s digital photography and editing software, it is very easy to make a typical color image transformed into a water color like painting. I generally include at least one of these in a collection of images for families, couples, weddings or individuals. But, as can be seen here, the subjects must be facing away from the camera as the watercolor effect can do some very weird things to a face…:)


1+1 = 6

It is said that when two people are together, there are actually six: you as you are perceived by the other, you as you are perceived by yourself, and you as you actually are; and the same is true for the other person. A family of 11 is quite complex, in terms of relationship dynamics…..And yet, there can be, and often  is, cohesion.

1+1 = 6; a large family of 11 under a tree by the shoreline at a Maui beach