Plus Fun


Katrina is a plus size model. And we had some plus fun taking these pictures. In today’s world, plus size models are becoming increasingly recognized as representing a large segment of the population. Not all woman are or aspire to be aneroxic-like. In fact, there is a lot written about how the modeling world has warped the ideals of young woman making the standard for beauty and appeal unreachable without a lot of unhealthy behaviors. By showcasing woman who are heavier, plus size modeling is doing a valuable service to the self image of millions of young, and older, women.  The thin model archetype is relatively recent and has its roots in the Church’s view that starvation and suffering is virtuous. However, in fact, during centuries past, larger woman were considered more attractive, more likely to be of a higher income level and more likely to have children. Many paintings of women in past centuries did not depict their subjects as rail thin, but rather quite voluptuous.

Plus Size Model Katrina White

plus fun - headshot of plus size woman with sun as hairlight and backlight




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